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Frank Caracciolo

Frank Caracciolo

Artist information

As an abstract painter, I am concerned with the physical act of making art: the action involved, the relationship between the materials and myself. The loss of time when one is in the moment of working, and the dialogue that follows during and after. Consciously searching my environment for surfaces and compositions relating to my work buildings, streets, wall surfaces, landscapes and pacing. I refer back to these issues while creating my own language in painting.

In the past, my work included found objects and collage. Combine paintings were constructed using materials I found on the street such as signage, metal, wood, and machine parts. These 3-D compositions allowed me to work on issues of space and contrast while exploring different materials and textures. As the work evolved, I understood that the physical act of making art became the key in my process.

Presently, layers of color are applied and stripped away; surfaces are stained, scratched and scrapped, drawn and recovered with paint. Drawings are often worked over, leaving ghosts of past actions. Always stripping away and revealing layers of what is underneath while constructing a surface composition. I work on several pieces at a time trying never to be overly cautious and allowing myself a sense of freedom in the act of making art. Sometimes, I make a painting and it goes through a lot of changes but in the end it is always something new in something that was already there. When I look at the finished piece I see a journey that twists and speaks to me. Sometimes it challenges me, sometimes it brings joy; it is that action between materials and self that creates moments that make a foundation to constantly build on when making art.

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